#Syria|South Damascus update

The Russian occupation and Assad’s forces, backed by militias, continue the military operation on the areas controlled by the organization “Daesh” in the south of Damascus for the third day in a row.

Russian warplanes intensified their air strikes this morning on the Tadamon, Black Stone and Yarmouk refugee camps, resulting in civilian casualties.

Smoke rising from the Yarmouk refugee camp

Civilians were killed in the Yarmuk Refugee camp :

Muhammad Fadl al-Aylouti was killed in Ain al-Ghazal Street in Yarmouk refugee camp following Assad militias shelling of HTS area in the camp. Three civilians were killed yesterday, “Anas Bassam Amouri” and “Muhannad Saleh Mahmoud” and Haj “Saleh Mahmoud” from the Yarmouk camp were killed as a result of the continuous shelling by the Assad forces and Russian aircraft on the camp.

A number of residential buildings in the town of Yalda were also hit by air strikes, one of which resulted in the collapse of a three-storey building inside the town. At the outskirts of the town were several missiles launched by Assad’s militias landed, in addition helicopters dropped barrel bombs, injuring three civilians lightly, and the displacement of residents living on the outskirts of the town to the towns of Babila and Beit Sahm.

Assad fourth division targeted yesterday evening and morning military points of the revolutionary factions at the axis of the “Four cross-roads (Mafareq)” between the towns of Yalda and Hajira and the Hajar alAswad with dozens of surface-to-surface missiles, which led to its total destruction, forcing the faction fighters to withdrw, and the leader of Jaish alIslam in the area was killed after violent clashes with Assad forces.

HTS that is based in the north-west of the camp, also damaged four regime tanks at  the 30th Street in Yarmouk refugee camp

Source in arabic : Revolution spring