#Syria|Daesh resumes its activities in the Badia at the East of Suwayda and regime losses

A Syrian army Colonel was killed and three others wounded when a landmine exploded in a car while driving on Zulf road at east of Suwayda.

Colonel Khaled Subhi Radwan from Daraa – Killed by Daesh IED.


A well-informed source told Suwayda 24 that a landmine exploded in a Syrian army vehicle on the road leading to the Zulf dam, located southeast of the province of Suwayda on Tuesday. He explained that the explosion killed a colonel from the Syrian army and injured seriously three soldiers who were taken to the hospital at Sali  in Suwayda east countryside.

The source said the mine was planted by Daesh who has its headquarter in Safa area close to Zulf, east of Suwayda countryside, and also who controls many areas in the desert of Suwayda.

The source also mentioned that the organization regained its activity in the desert of Suwayda during the recent months, relying on well mastered operation such as  booby-traps and mines, and planting bombs and mines in Tal Saad at the north-east of Suwayda late last month, killing  one member of the National defense and injuring two others.

Suwayda  24 correspondent in the Badia confirmed that Daesh movements in the region have increased recently and that his elements are moving freely in vast areas of the Badia in al-Suwayda, at alKaraa, Khirbat al-Amabashi, Qa’a al-Banat, Habiriya and Safa.

He stressed that the area of ​​”Safa”, which is one of the most muddy areas in the Badia is still  Daesh HQ that is not targeted neither by the Syrian army or its allies the Iraqi and Iranian forces located in various parts of Badia Alhamad adjacent to the desert of Suwayda.

It is noteworthy the Syrian army and its allies announced their full control of the Suwayda desert last summer after attacking the opposition armed factions who expelled Daesh from the region early 2017, to see the latter back and resume its activity again at the east of the province in the recent months.

Source in arabic : Suwayda 24