#Syria news update of the battle in Hama and Homs Rifs for 20/04/2018

The rebels thwarted regime attacks at alHamara frontline.  They also repelled  another attack  at alKan farms front, killed and wounded a number them during the operations. Rebels grabbed spoils such as machines, arms  and ammunition. They also targeted the Assad forces at alHamarat fronts and Tal alDurra and the road “Homs – Salamiya”with artillery shells and mortars,  and have achieved direct hits.  Fierce fighting took place at Salim front  after Assad forces attempted to storm the village.

The town of Talabisa and the villages of Talul al-Hamr, Quneitraat and Salim were shelled by the Assad forces without causing any casualties. The area saw a decrease of the shellinglevel, in parallel with meetings between the Negotiating Committee and the Russian side.

Colonel Ibrahim Bakkar Abu Khalil survived an assassination attempt at the entrance of his house where an IED was planted. No injuries are reported.  Bakkar is the commander of the Central Region and Commander of Tirmaleh operations room,  and a member of the negotiation committee in the northern countryside of Homs and southern Hama.