#Syria news update for 20/04/2018

Idlib :
A Turkish military convoy entered the observation post in the town of Sarman, east of Ma’arat al-Nu’man in the eastern Idlib countryside.

Three people died in the town of alZouf in the western countryside, due to an unidentified explosion in a warehouse.

Media activist Taleb Marwan alDrees, a member of the center and media activists in the city of Maarat alNu’man and its countryside, was martyred after being targeted by Turkish gendarmas during an attempt to cross the Syrian-Turkish border, where he was lost five days ago.

Hama :
The towns of Latamna and Kafarzita in the northern countryside were shelled by the Assad forces.

A car bomb exploded near the Grand Mosque in the town of Qalaat alMadiqfin the western countryside, killing four people, including a child, and they were takento the field hospitals.

Clashes between Daesh and Assad’s forces continue at the third plant fronts – east of the city of Palmyra – in the midst of air strikes, artillery shelling and a heavy missile.

The village of Ezz alDin in the northern countryside was shelled by the Assad forces.

Source in arabic: Shaam News