#Syria|Eastern alQalamon|Agreement reached with RU

The Military factions in the eastern region of Qalamoun  reached an agreement on Thursday with the Russian side on the fate of the region after a series of meetings in Damascus.

The agreement included the areas of Al-Rahiba, Jeroud, Nasiriyah, Al-Atna and Mansoura.

As for the Sham Liberation Army, which denied in a statement a few days ago its subordination to the unified leadership, and its rejection of the ongoing negotiations with the Russians on the region, his position on the agreement is still unknown.

The Spokesman for the Unified Command of the Eastern  Saad Saif said the negotiations between the factions of the unified command and the Russian side have ended and an agreement has been reached with the aim of an

  • immediate cease-fire,
  • handing over the heavy weapons to the Syrian regime,
  • the number regitered of the  fighters and their families and civilians who wish to leave.
  • the Russian military police will deploy their barriers at the entrances to the cities to prevent the regime forces to enter,
  • the formation a  tripartite joint committee to manage the city and solve the issues of detainees and arrested,
  • those who have avoided their military draft and reserve will be given six months to be extended until one year,
  • As for the officers and the dissident officers, they will be referred to the military judiciary to issue their amnesty and join military action after 15 days or leave the area.
  • displaced persons from Qalamoun have the right to carry their personal belongings which can be carried on the bus with individual weapons and their package.
  • Displaced properties will not be confiscated.