#Syria|Daesh and Regime talks fail

Sporadic clashes took place this morning between Assad’s forces and Daesh at the Yarmouk camp frontline.

Sources within the Assad regime confirmed that meetings were held with Daesh’s leaders south of the capital Damascus, in return for a safe withdrawal to the Syrian desert region. The same sources in the Assad regime said that the agreement had been canceled after Daesh’s leaders disagreed between themselves. Daesh delegation returned to the camp without concluding any agreement.

The Assad regime resumed its aerial bombing with rockets and explosive barrels in the midst of heavy artillery shelling on Yarmouk camp and Hajar alAswad town,AlAssali and Tadmun,  killing two civilians and injuring two others. On the other hand, Daesh retaliated by targeting  Nahr Aisha area, Al-Maidan, Al-Zahra and Al-Qadam neighborhoods with several shells, injuring and killing civilians.