#Syria news update North and North East for 19/04/2018

Sixty bodies of regime force were retrieved at the outskirts of alTabqa airbase and  were sent to Aleppo Hospital to be identified.

DIER EZZOR Eastern countryside: Air raids The International Alliance targeted ISIS sites in a hajeen city just before.

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: The Assad regime threatens to confiscate the houses of civilians in the city of Albuqmal in case they no longer hold them and give them a deadline until 1/6/2018.

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: ISIS released twenty members of the SDF militia in an exchange deal between the two parties, in return for the handover of a number of women members of the organization’s families yesterday.

DIER EZZOR Eastern countryside: The Assad regime forces arrested more than fifty people in the city of Mayadeen, Boqros and Zubari for their market for reserve duty at dawn today.

AL-Raqqa SDF militias issue a decision to ban motorcycles from entering the city ALTABKKA market and roaming within the city from 6 pm to 6 am.

Source : EuphratesPost

Al-Raqqa : 3 bodies were retrieved at alBadu neighborhood. They were killed during the battle against Daesh

Source : https://twitter.com/i/web/status/987124125402652673

Al Hassakeh  PYD militias stormed the village of alJanidiya nearby alYa’arabiya looking for defectors.

Source: https://twitter.com/soheb9933/statuses/987053340361199616

Deir Ezzor : Al Omar oil field

West of Deir Ezzor – Euphrates bank at alHussan