#Syria news update for 19/04/2018

Two children were injured in the village of Hayan in the northern countryside by a remnant cluster bomb Assad forces shelling earlier. A child was killed in the village of Abad in the southern countryside by a remnant cluster bomb of  Russian air strikes on the village.

YPG sites in Tal Rifat city were shelled with artillery shells.

Rebels targeted the positions of the Assad forces in the Castillo restaurant in northern Aleppo with tank shells.

Idlib :
An explosive device exploded in the industrial area of ​​Idlib,  injuring several civilians who were transferred to the field hospitals.

The Russian jets launched air raids on the outskirts of the village of  Um Jalal and the village of Skik and the outskirts of the village of Tahtaya in the southern countryside, and no casualities have been reported.

Hama :
In the western countryside, air raids were carried on the outskirt of the village of  alKhaldiya in Shahshabo mountain, and 2 civilians were killed due the regime shellings of homes in the village of alHuweija. The town of Ziyara was as well shelled. In the Northern Rif, the town of Al-Latamah, the village of Al-Arbaeen, Tal Othman and the town of Kafarbanouda were shelled by heavy artillery fire, and one civilian injured reported.

Activists confirmed the news of the sound of consecutive explosions of unidentified sources at the outskirts of Mount Zine El Abidine which is a huge gathering compound of the regime forces in the province of Hama.

Reports mention that more than 500 air strikes were carried on Hama Rif within 5 days.

Source in arabic : Shaam News http://www.shaam.org/news/bulletins