#Syria|Local Democracy on the move|Jandiris elects a Local Council

A local council was formed on thursday in Jandiris, which follows directly the local council of Aleppo affiliated to  the interim government.

The Council is composed of 15 members, including 4  Arabs and 11 Kurds and the president is Sobhi Rizk  who was elected by council members.

The Council tasks :   its priorities in the next phase is to provide water and power services to the the population and repair the bakeries and pave the roads and open the schools and rehabilitate the health facilities and sewage plant and network, and coordinate with the police who will be providing security throughout the day.

The Afrin council who formed few days ago consists of 20 seats as follows: 11 for the Kurdish component, 8 for the Arabs and one seat for Turkmen. Zuhair Haider was electd as the president and he is Kurdish.