#Syria|HTS vs SLF : Young men in Sarmada fight HTS

Idlib Rif :

The clashes between the HTS on the one hand and SLF on the other hand entered on  Wednesday their 60th day.

On Wednesday, the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF) managed to regain control of the towns of Faluja, Tirmala and Karsa hill south of Idlib province, hours after HTS moved into the area. Suqur alSham has attacked  HTS sites ” in the town, “Ehsem” area in Jabal Zawiya in the province of Idlib.

On thursday, Sarmada is about 4 km away from the Bab al-Hawa border crossing, which is controlled by HTS. The city is considered one of the most important economic centers in the province.

Clashes broke out  between HTS on the one hand and young men of Sarmada on the other. Reports mention 5 civilians injured.   According to eyewitnesses in Sarmada,  clashes began after HTS attacked a traffic policeman affiliated to the local council, a number of young people intervened to help him. They confirmed that nearly 200 citizens of the city came out in a demonstration demanding HTS to leave the town.

HTS retaliated by shooting at the demonstrators



The political body, the provincial council and the trade unions are demanding both “Sham Corps” and “Jaish alAhrar”  to enter as a force to separate SLF and HTS in the province of Idlib.

In Aleppo west Rif :

Report that Sham Legion  has closed all the roads between the Euphrates Shield areas to the western Aleppo countryside except the roads to the west of the Darat Azza,  with sand barriers. They are thought  to tighten the noose on SLF. The report mentions that Sham Legion  did not close the road to Darat Azza because HTS will attack the town. Sham Legion did not allow Zanki to go towards Afrin.


Report of heavy losses on both sides after 60 days of infighting:

A source revealed that the number of killed is estimated to 975 elements.

  • HTS : 750 killed.
  • SLF : 255  killed.
  • The injured : roughly 3000 in the absence of any statistics.

Material losses – the majority are HTS losses:

  • 10 tanks destroyed
  • 5 armored vehicles destroyed .
  • nearly 17 four-wheel drive destroyed.

The source explained to Nedaa Syria that the largest number of this equipment belongs to HTS mostly lost during the  attacks  on “Nur Eddine Zenghi movement” sites  in the countryside of Western Aleppo.