#Syria|Regime Jets are back to Dumayr, T4 and Shuayrat

Observatories specialised to monitor the regime jets moves said that the Syrian army jet are taking off again from Dumayr, T4 and Shuayrat after the end of the joint military strikes on the sites of Assad regime.

“Abu Adel alSaheli” one of the observers in Lattakia countryside, monitored dozens of Syrian warplanes  “Sukhoi 24, Sukhoi 22 and Mig” that left the Shuayrat, T4 and Dumayr towards the Eastern region.  He said “We have observed several Sukhoi 24 taking off again from the airports of Al-Nairab and Hmeimim and re-coordinate with Shuayrat and Dumayr to prepare their return to those air bases, after the regime forces emptied the air bases over the last few days fearing the American strikes.”