#Syria|HTS vs SLF : clashes ongoing in Idlib and Aleppo Rifs

Clashes between SLF and HTS are ongoing in the villages of Aleppo and Idlib, at the outskirts of  the village of Tremala  during which HTS attacked one of SLF headquarters, and killed two SLF fighter,  before SLF regained the control of the towns of Tremala and alFaqi’ and Karsaa. Those clashes also took place in both villages of Marayan and Ehsem In Jabal al-Zawiya, killing one child an injuring another one.  HTS targeted the town of Anjara in the Aleppo western countryside with rocket missile.

HTS lost one emir in an ambush : Abu Abldel Karim from Hass

SLF destroyed a HTS convoy at Maarzita

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