#Syria|Hassakeh|Int’l Coalition killed 11 civilians at dawn on Wednesday in a new landing operation

The international coalition jets committed a massacre against a number of civilians at dawn on Wednesday after they bombed a state prison in Abu Hamdah area in the south-eastern suburb of Al-Hassakeh.

The area of ​​”Abu Hamdah” in the south-east of Al-Hasakah, the last area controlled by Daesh, and is the Badia important depth area towards Iraqi territory, and the region is witnessing attacks and military operations between the Daesh and the Iraqi Hashd alSha’abi militia,  and ongoing bombings by the International Coalition.

Local sources said that the International Alliance jets targeted a Daesh prison in which several civilians are held, and killed 11 detainees, while carrying a landing in that area controlled by Daesh .
According to sources, the coalition carried out a new landing and targeted that area in the area “Abu Hamdah,” and did not disclose what it is and whether it achieved its purpose, and thought that Daesh leaders were hiding inside.

Ongoing shelling and landings are taking place in that area, which resulted in civilian casualties.

Source in arabic : Baladi Network https://b-sy.net/zchcos0