#Syria|AlHassakeh|PYD raided an Arab village that refuses to hand over forced conscripts

The PYD raided the Arab village affiliaed to al Qahtaniyah – in the south of Qamishli  after being besieged for several hours, and took dozens of elderly people as hostages.

The Khabour correspondent  in the city of alQamishli reported  that a large PYD militia force broke today into the village of “Bazuna” of the town of Qahtaniyah, after parents refused to hand over three Arab Youths dissidents  who were forced to enlist in the PYD ranks .

The correspondent pointed out that the PYD gave the villagers 24 hours to hand over the three dissidents and threatened to storm the village, pointing out that the villagers kept refusing to hand over the young men. PYD broke into the village with a large military reinforcements from the city of Qamishli.

He stressed that the PYD  arrested a number of senior citizens and village elders, and required the release of the three young dissidents to the so-called “military police”, a military militia belonging to the PYD.

It is worth mentioning that 10 young men from the village of Bazuna were killed in battles that the PYD is waging against Daesh, after they were forced to enlist in their militia. The local residents are accusing PYD to throw Arab youths at the front lines to fight Daesh and thus, after they were arrested and without even completing a military training.

The sources in arabic : Al Khabour http://www.alkhabour.com/ar/news/single/348/