#Syria| Homs and Hama Negotiators tell RU : Regime must respect cease-fire

The negotiating committee in the northern Homs countryside and the southern Hama countryside on Wednesday held a round of negotiations with the Russian side at the Dar alKabira crossing in the northern Homs countryside after the committee rejected the request of the Russian side to transfer the meeting place to the hotel in Homs controlled by the regime forces.

The meeting discussed several points related to the current and future status of the region, and it was agreed to extend the cease-fire until the next meeting on Sunday 22/4-2018. The Russian side will oblige the regime to respect the cease-fire. It was also agreed that each side of the negotiation will present its vision of the solution in the region.

During the meeting, some members of the Negotiating Committee withdrew from the meeting in protest against the bombing of the Al-Rastan airfield during the meeting.