Iran Forces Afghan Teenagers To Fight In #Syria

Migrant Afghans are one of the most oppressed and most deprived groups in Iran. The unemployment rate, poverty, and illiteracy are high among Afghans there. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran violates the fundamental rights of these immigrants in various forms, and every time parts of this discrimination are reflected in the media, it is often soon forgotten. Even those among the active social and political groups in Iran are less likely to pay attention.

In recent years, with the onset of the war in Syria and the direct involvement of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria, Afghan refugees have been viewed as a war force by Iran’s Political authorities. The use of Afghans in the Syrian war by means of financial and religious intimidation was placed in the Iranian military forces agenda in the Syrian conflict.

Afghans have been working exhausting jobs with long hours and every kind of humiliation and insult in exchange for a little pay for their work to feed their families. This poor and needy group have become stronger in relation to their situation.

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