#Syria|PKK/PYD with regime help kidnaps, tortures FSA family members who fought in Afrin

There are currently over 25 families of martyred FSA fighters that have been taken hostage in PKK-occupied areas

Regime intelligence provides backing

Assad’s intelligence service, or Mukhabarat, plays an active role in the kidnapping and torturing of relatives of those who were martyred while fighting to rid Afrin of PKK/PYD terror.

The lists, which are prepared in Damascus, are sent to Qamishli via parliamentarian Omar Ossi.

The first targets are usually the parents of those martyred, and if they or the martyrs’ siblings cannot be reached, they target uncles and aunts and even distant relatives.

They took the entire town hostage for one FSA fighter

FSA fighter Abu Azzam, originally from Tal Abyad, said that his hometown was taken hostage when news of his fighting in Afrin reached PKK terrorists in the area.

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