#Syria|HTS v SLF : Heavy cost for HTS

LCC Salqin has published the following figures about HTS losses within 2 months of fight.

  •  650 killed.
  • Almost 2500 injured.
  • Almost 300 prisoners.

Cost of 2 month battles: 13 Millions $

Kafr Sajne in Idlib Countryside,  expelled HTS after it stormed the village, injured Muhammad Allush and abducted Mustafa alAbdallah.

Clashes between HTS and SLF  continued in the Tal4as area in the southern countryside. The Hubyt-Khan Shaykhun road was cut off by violent clashes between the two sides. The SLF announced the destruction of a HTS convoy in the village of Marzita. HTS targeted  a mosque and a school  in the town of Hoota with mortars.