#Syria news update from Homs – Hama countrysides for 17/04/2018

Violent clashes took place between the rebels and the Assad forces at Salim front in the northern countryside where the rebels  damaged a bulldozer that was fortifying the area.  They damaged too one tank and one bulldozer at the front of alHamarat.

They also targeted the strongholds of the Assad forces in the village of alMsharfe and Salim-Qnaytrat front,  Homs-Salmiya road and at the Madajan and Mahatta checkpoints with Katyusha rockets, mortars and heavy machine guns, inflicting the regime forces direct injuries.

Qunaytarat-Salim Frontline

4th legion target the Madajan and alMahatta regime checkpoints.

The SLF factions, the Fourth Brigade, the Sham Brigade and Jund Badr began a joint operation at the checkpoints of the Assad forces in the village of Kubba al-Kurdi in the southern suburb of Hama. They managed to break the first defenses of the village and liberate two checkpoints. Map shows where is Kubba alKurdi



The villages of Za’farana, Qneitrat and Al-Qan were shelled by the Assad forces, resulting in one civilian killed and other civilians wounded . The rebels responded by targeting the positions of the Assad forces in alHandasa battalion at the outskirts of Al-Rastan.