OperationOliveBranch|Search for IEDs and YPG hideouts launched

FSA and TR Army began searching for YPG cells in Afrin and IEDs left over,  in the mountains linking the areas of Bulbul and Rajo from the north of Afrin, including the mountains of Hassan Deira.

Sources to Enab Baladi said that dozens of YPG members are still hiding in small pockets around the city, which leads to sporadic attacks on FSA spots. In early April, the Turkish jets targeted a YPG hideout where remnants were hiding in the vicinity of Rajo area west of Afrin, after being spotted by reconnaissance planes.

According to the sources, the YPG cell activities are mostly in the two enclaves located north of Afrin,  which have not been cleansed completely. The security operation continues to this day, whether to pursue the YPG remnants or removed the IEDs deployed in the military camps and highlands.

Arabic source: https://www.enabbaladi.net/archives/221893#ixzz5CvjOhsSd

Anadolu news agency reports :

Turkish Armed Forces along with Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters continue to search and clear the landmines and other explosive devices in order to strengthen security in Afrin, Syria.

Turkish troops and FSA have launched a new operation to search for tunnels and hideouts in the Hasan Deyra mountain near Afrin’s Bulbul district.

“As FSA, we are in the search activities with our brothers from the Turkish army,” Abu Jumma, an FSA commander, told Anadolu Agency.

“We will find and destroy landmines planted by terrorists in the region for the safe return of civilians into Afrin,” Jumma said.