#Syria|Rebels agree to leave Dumayr town east of Damascus

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Syrian rebels in Dumayr east of Damascus have agreed to lay down their arms and to hand over the town to the regime army, local activists said Monday.

The ‘surrender deal’ in the strategic town followed the fall of Eastern Ghouta and its capital, Douma. Such a victory for the Assad regime pushed the nearby towns to follow the same fate as the seven-year-old war reached an end amid deep disappointment and sorrow for people who demanded freedom and dignity but the outcome was absurd.

Rebels of Eastern Qalamoun sought to escape a ferocious offensive like the Gouta’s one that claimed lives of 1600 people, including 78, in poison gas attack. Said Seif, spokesman for Martyr Ahmed al-Abdu Units said rebels have no other solutions. Rebels seek to avoid the civilians the scourge of the war as regime army shows no leniency.

See more : https://en.zamanalwsl.net/news/article/34409/

The FSA groups to leave are :  Ahmed al Abdo Group, Usud Al Sharqiyyah will be Leaving Dumayr (100 figthters almost).  Jaish al Islam is the largest group with 500 fighters, will be leaving too ( begun on 17/04/2018 to leave to the Euphrates Shield area).

However, after the “lion” and “tiger” .. Regime Animal farm is getting ready to receive a new member aka “hyena”
Ahmed Shaaban, who nicknamed himself “Daba al-Dumayr”, announces his return to his master’s bosom. What is not clear if the entire Maghawir alSahra will be following the Hyna or only the commander. Ahmed alAbdo Spokes person stressed that Ahmad Sha’ban and his faction joined 9 months ago Usud alSharqiya and was expelled  1 year ago. Usud alSharqiya has not yet issued any statement about that issue.

Note: The video is recorded by the regime media cameras – Damascus Now