#Syria|HTS vs SLF : SLF regains ground

SLF has recaptured the following locations in Idlib and Aleppo Countrysides and captured a group of Turkmenistan and Uzbek fighters.

    • The village of Armanya on 15/04/2016.
    • The village of Ajel in Aleppo West Rif.
    • Jamiyat alSa’adiya.
    • Jamiyat alFursan and 1 pickup destroyed.
    • Talat alNuman.
    • Talat alDaba’a.


Sham Legion shut down the access to Heish in Idlib after expelling both fighting parties.

Fierce battles took place in Taqad, Basraton, Ainjara in Aleppo western rif, and in Idlib  at the village of Sahyan