#Syria update news for 15/04/2018

Damascus :
Two civilians were killed by several shells on the Yarmouk refugee camp south of the capital Damascus neighborhood of Tadamun.

The decision to leave Dumayr was also to spare lives to 100 000 people both residents and expats from East alDouma.

Aleppo :
The city of Jazraia in the southern countryside was bombed by Assad’s forces.

Idlib :
Russian warplanes carried out air raids on the southern town of Hubyt accompanied, and artillery shells on the ground.  The towns of alTaman’a and the village of al Berse and  the outskirts of Tal Kresian were targeted by the regime artillery shells.

Daraa :
An explosive device exploded on the road between the towns of Shu’ara and Karim in the al-Lujat area, north of Daraa, which resulted in the death of one civilian.

Dar’a al-Balad neighborhoods was shelled with  5 Fil rockets by Assad forces, while the towns of Naaima and Saida were bombed and Kafrnasj was bombed by tank shells.

There has been sporadic clashes between rebels and Assad forces on the fronts of Naima and Western Gharia towns as a result of an attempt by the latter to advance towards the region.