Christian Clerics condemn the attack on #Syria and praize the regime forces

Christian clerics has condemned the joint strike by the United States, Britain and France against the Syrian regime, calling it a “brutal aggression” and praising the Syrian regime’s army and “sacrifices” in the war on terror.

“We deplore and denounce what our dear country, Syria, was subjected to today by the United States, France and Britain on the pretext of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian state,” Patriarch Hanna X Yazigi, Mar Ignatius Afram II and Yousef alAbsi said on Sunday.

The clerics considered the strike against the Syrian regime an attack on “a sovereign state without any justification or not rational/warranted ,” pointing out claims that the regime used chemical weapons is “unjustified and not supported by sufficient and clear evidence.”

The statement accused the participating countries of the attack “to undermine the work of the International Commission of Inquiry and to miss the chances of a peaceful political solution and to encourage terrorist organizations and give them the momentum to continue their terrorism,” according to their description.

In their statement, the clerics called on the UN Security Council to play its natural role in bringing peace and not contributing to fuel wars,  and  they appeal to the churches in the participating countries to “carry out their Christian duty to condemn and denounce this aggression and call upon their governments to commit themselves to  maintain world peace” .

The Patriarchs addressed the army of the Syrian regime saying:
“We are confident that he will not bow down to external and internal terrorist attacks and will pursue his war with all the courage on terror until he cleanses every inch of Syrian Territory. We commend the courageous positions of the friendly countries of Syria and the Syrian people.”

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