#Syria|South Damascus|Regime and RU open negotiations with Daesh to leave

Negotiations are under way between Daesh in South Damascus on the one hand and Damascus and the Russian side under the auspices of the reconciliation delegation in the Assali neighborhood to discuss a safe exit from the region and avoid the anticipated military operation that the regime is preparing against Daesh.

According to private sources to Damascus voice, a delegation headed by “Ihab Salti,” head of the reconciliation committee in the neighborhood of Assali entered on Friday, April 13,  met with Daesh and offered them to go to an area which has not yet been identified.

Damascus voice in Yarmouk camp said that the meeting which included the most prominent leaders of the organization,  lasted more than four hours. This meeting took place few days after “Abu Khaled alAmni” left with others to Homs countryside, in direct coordination with the Regime intelligence, to meet with the leaders of Daesh stationed in that region and explore the possibilities to receive Daesh leaders.

The two parties have not yet reached a conclusion after last Friday’s round of negotiations, amid a deep silence by  Daesh on the negotiation issue in front of its elements and the public residing in its areas of control.

Source in arabic : Damascus Voice http://damascusv.com/archives/4012