#Syria|HTS vs SLF : HTS back to Morek in Hama Rif

HTS took control of the city and the crossing of Morek in the countryside of Hama, after clashes with SLF, on Sunday morning. 1 SLF killed.

This morning, HTS also took control of the town of Khan Sheikhan and the villages and towns of Sheikh Mustafa, Madaya, Kafarsajna, Rakaya, Haysh, Sahyan, Kafermazdeh, Amiriya and Muqqa in the southern suburbs of Idlib.

It is noteworthy that HTS withdrew earlier this year from the last villages and towns and handed over the crossing of Morek to the civil administration after the agreement to spare the city a conflict between the factions.

In Maarat alNuman, HTS launched an attack to occupy the town but SDF foiled that attempt and destroyed a HTS gunfield 23.

Report of many HTS militants killed and Maarat Numan completely liberated.

SLF inside the Na’ura barrier in MaaratNuman

3 hours ago, SLF said that it recaptured Khan Sheikhun, captured 1 HTS commander in Maarat alNuman

SLF liberated Tal Ass, Bsida mills and barrier and the Kaziyat and all the village of Bsida, Power plant company and Um Zaytune in Idlib Rif.

SLF at  Homs Highway north of Maarat Numan.


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