#Syria|Homs North Rif|Regime ground offensive thwarted

Regime launched a ground offensive  on the besieged northern Homs countryside and also attempted to infiltrate alAmiriya front line. Those attempts failed amid heavy regime air strikes and artillery shelling on the region, causing loss of equipment and lives.

Syrian regime jets carried out no less than 40 air strikes until Sunday noon on the eastern fronts of the northern Homs (Izz Eddine – alHamarat – Qnaitrat) in addition to the preempted heavy artillery and machine guns, causing the deaths of two civilians and a number of wounded.

The Revolutionary factions managed to destroy five tanks and a 1 BMP vehicle and one ATGM launcher  on  the Selim and Qubbat alKurdi and Jumquliya and alHamarat frontlines, destroying a car  transporting the regime militias and killing all those inside. The regime forces were forced to withdraw without making any progress.

Rebels also thwarted a regime militias  attempt to infiltrate the Amiriya front in northern Homs .

The “unified command in the central region” in the northern Homs and Hama Southern Rifs, said a week ago that it had decided to stand firm and protect civilians from being displaced by all means, after reports of a threat by Russia and the regime to invade the region militarily if they reject the reconciliations “with the Syrian regime”.