#Syria|Deir Ezzor|Fight between QSD and Daesh resume

“Euphrates Post” reports that fighting between Daesh and QSD has resumed, and an infighting within the organization.  QSD launched on  Friday an attack on Hajin, the most prominent stronghold of the organization, backed by the Int’l coalition warplanes and helicopters. It is reported that the clashes were very violent at the outskirts of the town, mostly at at alHawama neighbourhood. Daesh retaliated by detonating at the outskirts of the town of Bahra, four car bombs.

Euphrates Post correspondent reports that the fights resumed because of the following reasons :

  1. Prisoners held by Daesh in addition to fighters who are believed to be agents of the coalition,  escaped to QSD side.
  2. The negotiations between QSD and Daesh failed, after a disagreement between the Iraqi members who rather stay in the region and the non Iraqis who rather be transferred from alBukamal district to the controlled areas of Hama and Idlib.

Source in arabic : http://www.euphratespost.com/?p=8817#sthash.pfALdsRr.dpbs