#Syria|Deir Ezzor| Infight within Daesh for a new Caliph

Anonymous sources told Euphrates Post said that the allegiance to alBaghdadi  was at the heart of the infighting between the Iraki elements and the non iraqis who want a new Caliph.  Iraqi elements rejected strongly to name another Caliph, and called the foreigners “Khawarij and threatened to eliminate them and their “wives” too if they did not back down their demand.

The sources said that the in fight stopped after jurists mediated andcalled to not be dragged “behind the sedition,” but the party calling to appoint a new successor is still insisting that the caliph must be present in the field, pointing to the siege they have suffered for months, and called to stop the execution of those who are accused to be “khawarij”.

Sources in arabic : http://www.euphratespost.com/?p=8817#sthash.gQm4kobC.dpbs