#Syria|Daraa Rif|Halesh and Regime sleeper cells discovered in Jassem

On Friday night, the military Council in Jassem to the west of Daraa,  arrested a Assad regime and the Lebanese Hezbollah sleeper cells of , after they raided the reconciliation Godfather place.

Abu Jarrah, an army commander of the Ababil army, told Horriya Press that the members of the cells had been arrested. During the raids, and a number of Grad rockets and large quantities of highly explosive C-4 were seized too.

Abu Jarrah pointed out that the cells are acting on orders from the Assad gang and Lebanese Hezbollah as part of the regime’s policy of stirring up chaos and applying its agendas to threaten the security of the region in line with the statements aimed to provoke chaos and strife among the population in the region.

“The operation was carried out in partnership with the Jydur rebel alliance and the Ababil Knights Brigade of the military Council in Jassim.” He explained that the investigations are still under way to uncover those involved in the Assad gang and their allies.

Several villages and towns in the western village of Daraa have seen recent explosions, which have killed dozens of civilians and members of the Free Syrian Army, including leaders of the Brigades.

Source in arabic Horriya Press : http://horrya.net/archives/57715