After Israeli Attack, Iran Mulls Options in Syria

Seven years after getting involved in the Syrian war and helping to prolong it, Iran may be trying to re-think a strategy that has had many unintended, and undesired, consequences.

Calls for a review of Iran’s Syria policy are not yet either emphatic or loud. But they are coming from many different quarters inside and outside the ruling establishment.

Islamic Majlis member Mahmoud Sadeqi has called for “assessing the impact of our Syrian involvement” on Iran’s relations with other nations, most notably within the Middle East. The question is whether or not by siding with Syrian regime head Bashar al-Assad, Iran has antagonized other Arab and Islamic states. Worse still, Iran’s involvement in Syria may have enabled the United States, always singled out as “The Great Satan”, to rally its regional allies and form a solid bloc to challenge Iran.

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