#Syria|RU seeks to drag Opposition Factions in Sth Damascus to fight Daesh

The Russian delegation responsible for negotiating  the south Damascus file stressed the need for high level coordination between the opposition factions and the Russian forces during the upcoming battle against Daesh in Yarmouk camp.

During their last meeting with the factions on Wednesday (April 11th), the Russians renewed their request to the factions to let them enter  tho asses their confrontation lines with Daesh and insisted on the need to change the people  of the region sentiment and work hard to assess confrontation lines with Daesh. Sources told Damascus voice, factions were warned that letting Russians in their areas would likely trigger Daesh to attack the opposition, and then the factions will have to  fight Daesh along with the Russians and the regime.

The Russians stressed that no armed opposition factions would leave the three towns (Yilda, Babila, Beit Saham) until the end of  Yarmouk camp and Hajar alAswad files.

The Russians urged military factions’ delegation to stay in the south of Damascus to manage the towns, with promises to collect concessions for the area and resolve all political and military problems with the Assad regime, if the military factions agree to stay in southern Damascus.

The godfather of the agreements of Damascus and its countryside, the “Russian Colonel Alexander Zurin,” promessed the delegation  to help end the detainees file, will help solve the problem of contact between the factions and the Shiite militias,” he said, adding that the Russians would treat Shiite militias same treatment as Daesh if they attempt to invade the three towns. He called for the possibility of introducing military police to ensure the security of the towns as it happened in the city of Aleppo where Russian police have been there for more than a year.

Source in arabic Damascus voice: http://damascusv.com/archives/3979