#Syria spots hit by the US attacks

The US attacks with France and Great Britain on the military spots :

  • The Scientific Centre in Barza.
  • Jamraya.
  • Mazza airbase – (Division 41 is based there).
  • Dumayr airbase.
  • Khulkhula airbase in Suweida. (Suwayda24 denies it)
  • The Secret Research Centre in Mesyaf in Hama Rif. But regime denies it.
  • Republican Guards near Damascus.
  • Military locations nearby Homs.
  • Tal Mur’i military base (iranian)  in the Triangle of Death in Daraa.
  • Division 105 fo Republican (According to Regime) (I believe it is the division responsible for launching the SCUD missiles).
  • Air Defense base in Jabal Qassioun (According to Regime).
  • Liwa 41 (According to Regime).
  • Locations near alRahiba (According to Regime).

These points are reported by Orient News in arabic