#Syria|Iranian and regime important redeployments ahead of US attacks

Media sources in the countryside of Damascus confirmed that two convoys of Assad forces withdrew from 1st division in the city of Al-Kiswah towards the capital Damascus. The sources believe that the convoys have evacuated senior Iranian officers and officers of the Hezbollah militia from their base established within the First Division where they have etablished  their operation headquarters, along with important moves from the regime positions in Jamraya, Qassiun and strategic locations during the past 24 hours.

The air observatories in the north of Syria confirmed yesterday that they have detected a large movement of the regime’s aircraft and forces from the airports of alSyn, Dumayr and T4 towards Hmeimim and Nairab airbase in Aleppo and Damascus International. They said that instructions reached the entire AF to change their deployment sites, as the regime seeks to transfer its jets to the Russian base in Hmeimim in Lattakia and Nayrab military airbase in Aleppo and Damascus International Airport in order to spare them from the expected American strikes.

Source: Shaam News in arabic https://bit.ly/2qnxVGK