#Syria|Damascus South|Another Sheikh at the forefront of collaboration with the regime

Leaders of factions in the three southern towns of Damascus rejected a “preliminary agreement” reached by some factions with Russian officers after the town of Yalda on Friday held rallies headed by Sheikh Saleh al-Khatib calling for “reconciliation” with Assad’s regime.

Local activists said that during the previous meeting, the Ababil factions, the Sham el-Rasoul faction and the Damascus Brigade, reached a “preliminary agreement” with the Russian side that the fighters would leave the towns of Yalda, Babila and Beit Sahm in two batches. (The Army of Islam, Aknaf of Jerusalem and the movement of Ahrar Sham al-Islam) decided to form a committee to not allow the other factions to negotiate a separate deal and rejected the agreement reached with the Russians, indicating the representatives of this committee and Russian officers can meet to discuss the agreement and the future of the region.

The agreement between FSA factions and Russian comittee

Russian military police will deploy in the three towns and lines overlooking the Sayeda Zeinab area (controlled by Shi’ite militias). The displaced can return to their towns without weapons after their names have been removed from the  lists, and Russian guarantee that the regime forces will not enter the region, and t all crimes will be dropped against the residents of the region since 2011.

The beardy godfather

The town of Yalda on Friday saw the departure of nearly 200 people from the alSalihin Mosque after a speech by Sheikh Saleh al-Khatib, one of the  “reconciliation” godfather with the Assad regime, and toured the streets of the town :” The army and the people are hand in hand. ”

AlKhatib said in his khotba on Friday :  “Those who want to leave the region must leave immediately, and those who want to stay have guarantees from the State.”

He met with Anas al-Taweel, the prominent reconciliation godfather in the region (banned from entering the southern regions of Damascus),  and agreed with him to “defend the region” by forming a militia of reconciliation, make a coup against the factions and hand over the area to the regime, similar to what took place in the town of Kafarbatna, when Sheikh Bassam Dafda formed cells that broke away from the Rahman Brigade in the town and introduced the forces of the regime without fighting.

For his part, one person in  the town of Yilda (who asked not to be identified) told OrientNet that Al-Khatib is the  former chairman of the Yalda Reconciliation Committee  and is part of the town’s negotiating committee. He established a media office in southern Damascus in 2013, and he negotiated with the regime in 2014 that let the region into a truce still in force, and then turned into a godfather for reconciliation with the Assad regime.

Source in arabic Orient News in arabic : http://ow.ly/8oWK30jil8C