A Turkish project to preserve 17 varieties of #Syrian wheat

The Agricultural Research Institute has launched “the Southeast Anatolia Development Project” which is a project to cultivate 17 varieties of Syrian wheat in cooperation with the Qatar Red Crescent, to protect these seeds from extinction and re-plant them in Syria in the future.

The director of the center, “Ibrahim Khalil Getner” told Anadolu news agency many plants are vulnerable and will disappear in Syria, and the agricultural activities have reached the point of cessation, stressing that “more than 20 varieties of wheat is threatened of extinction because of the crisis.”

He added that Ankara had been forced to move to mitigate the consequences of the crisis on the future of the neighboring country. The Qatari Red Crescent brought 17 types of wheat threatened to disappear, nine of which were for the pasta industry and 8 for bread.

The seeds were planted in the district of Aqejat Qalaa in the Shanli-Orfa state, south of the border with Syria, similar to those of their agricultural lands.

He noted that Syria is hosting about 24 varieties of wheat and the remaining seeds  from the rest of the varieties will be imported under the same project.

Syria is undergoing a food and agricultural crisis due to war, displacement and high prices of fuel used in irrigation and power cuts.

Source in arabic : http://nedaa-sy.com/news/5028