#Syria|Deir Ezzor|Daesh makes progress in the Badia

According to same field sources, Daesh managed to advance toward the Syrian regime spots and control several points in the desert of Deir Ezzor. According to Euphrates Post, Daesh has captured the second oil plant T2 (alKam), and captured and killed dozens of the regime forces and its militias.

The sources added that the organization also took control of several checkpoints in the north and north-east axis of alKam along with the mobilization of forces in the areas in “Maizila” and Sadha and “Hamima” in preparation to, what sources believe,  an attack towards the eastern countryside of Homs.

Details of Daesh attacks from 18 March to 21 March

On Saturday, Daesh captured the regime forces and auxiliary militias spots in the Badia. Daesh continued the attack on Sunday at the outskirts of the village of “Hamdan” and the town of Bukamal in the south of Deir Ezzor Countryside. On Monday, the organization controlled the oil plant “T2” known as “alKam”, one of the most important oil facilities in Deir Ezzor,  after attacks on several checkpoints in the north and north-east axis of the station, during which the organization  destroyed several equipment and killed dozens of  “Fifth Storming Battalion ” and sectarian militias.

Suhayb Al-Jaber – Euphrates Post – told Baladi News:

Daesh  crossed the Euphrates River from its areas of influence east of the Euphrates to the western positions of the regime

“Daesh attacked the regime’s spots in the last few days from two points. The first attack was carried out at the eastern bank towards the western Bank (Shamia), then through the Euphrates River from the village of alShaafa, said Suhayeb al-Jaber, a journalist for the Furat Post network.  The other attack came from  the area (Maizeela) in the desert in the West Bank.”  Daesh began to attack  the artillery compound at the outskirt of  alMayadin two days ago, while other groups infiltrated from the area of ​​(Maizila) to Badiat al-Mayadim and BuKamal and to the Kam station that Daesh controlled again after it was an Iranian base Essential in the region “.
Al-Jaber confirmed that Daesh controls the basis after the withdrawal of the regime and its militias from more than seven barriers around the fields, in return to strengthen its frontiers in the Tabiya al alJazira  which was the scene of the coalition’s international operations last month.
He pointed out that the international coalition sent new reinforcements to the oil field, “alOmar”  which is used by US forces as a base to compensate the numerical shortage left by  “Kurdish units” who went to fight in Afrin.
Al-Jaber pointed out that the Syrian Badia witnessed clashes between different factions since yesterday, pointing out that the Iranian militias who lost their positions in the T2, launched attacks on the Al-Tanf area where there is a US Army base for the oppositon forces.

Daesh sent reinforcements to Deir Ezzor

On Tuesday morning 22, March, Daesh brought military reinforcements to Hajin town in the eastern village of Deir Ezzor. The reinforcements came from the town of Al-Dasheisha in Al-Hasakah countryside to the Tawamin area on the outskirts of Badia alRawda, nearby Hajin city.
The reinforcements included a large number of 4×4 vehicles, 57 guns, various types of anti aircrafts and hundreds fighters, in addition to a number of trucks carrying various types of ammunition, medical equipment, medicines and foodstuffs.
Daesh uses the desert to move between its control areas in the eastern countryside of Deir-Ghazal and its areas in Al-Hasakah countryside, since these are open spaces and no one can permanently occupy it.

The int’l  coalition did not stop bombing Daesh areas  where it targeted a vehicle belonging near the hospital of Hajin town, killing two and destroying the car.

Daesh controls the towns of Hajin and the Sha’fa and some areas of the Badia and  the oil Bir alMelh at  the east of Deir Ezzor Badia on the western bank of the Euphrates River (alJazira), and  controls some areas in the desert on the right bank of the Euphrates River (Shamia), and through these sites, carries out some attacks against the regime forces.

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