#Syria| Tribal Army to Idlib soon via #enabBaladi

Short Excerpt

Tribal forces are preparing to go to the province of Idlib, which is currently experiencing tension and clashes between HTS and SLF.

A source from the Syrian clans in Turkey said on Friday (March 2nd) that the meeting at the end of last February in Urfa, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, came within the framework that supports the formation and adoption of a council,  which began some time ago.

There was no official statement about the formation of tribal forces, but the source assured Enab Baladi that they are “participating in the operation olive branch in Afrin”, at the moment, and did not mention a specific date to go to Idlib.

According to the source, “the forces will go to Idlib soon,” pointing out that “the front has not been determined in light of the complexities experienced in Idlib.” He added “we were asked to be ready to go there (Idlib) though that participation in the fight against HTS is not yet clear, but he added,” If there is an internal order to fight HTS, we will participate. ” However, he pointed out that the deployment will be at the  confrontations lines against the Assad forces, explaining “the main objective to work against the regime on the fronts of Idlib, and we will receive all the points that were under HTS control.”


Source in arabic Enab Baladi https://www.enabbaladi.net/archives/210535