#Syria|Private Iraki and Iranian Security Firms deploy militias in Damascus

Some neighborhoods in Damascus have witnessed the spread of gunmen belonging to newly established security companies, never seen before in Syria. These companies have religious connections with Iraq and Iran. Those information could not be checked by Syria Reporter.

Pictures of armed men wearing uniform, near the so-called “Ruqaya shrine” in the old neighborhood of “Amara” in Damascus, showed the task of protecting the pilgrims.

According to the information received, three security companies were established in Damascus, namely “Citadel, Al Hosn and Qaisun”, which are concentrated in banks, hospitals and shopping centers. Some sources say that there is a company with the same name in Iraq, but there is no link between them according to the different logo of each company.

The Citadel Security and Security Services recently published a job statement demanding staff with various competencies, including their ability to carry and use weapons.