#|Syria|Airstrikes on several towns by RU and regime

  • RU AF airstrikes on Maarat Herme in Hama rif with thermobaric missiles, and with 20 missiles Maardes and Soran. They also attacked Helfaya and LataMNE;
  • Regime dropped 8 TNT barrels on Daraa alBalad.
  • RU media : 1 RU solider killed.
  • Regime AF airstrikes on Kafranbel and Heish.
  • Regime AF carried out air attacks with heavy machineguns on Soran and Tybet alEmam in Hama.
  • Helicopters dropped 2 TNT barrels on Maardes and on TalBaza in Hama.
  • RU AF bombed Idlib town
  • RU AF killed civilians in Bsames and TalZahab in Idlib west.
  • RU AF airstrikes on Maan and Sheikh Sendyan.
  • RU AF airstrikes on Tremla in Idlib south.
  • RU AF airstrikes on Saraqeb in Idlib East, and Badama in Jisr alShughur area (Idlib west)
  • RU AF airstrikes on Daraa alBalad
  • RU AF airstrikes on Duma in Damascus rif


  • RU AF airstrikes on Darat Ezat in Aleppo Rif.