#Syria|The YPG gunmen arrested a former fighter of the FSA in Manbij

The gunmen of Manbij Military Council, part of the People’s Protection Units YPG, arrested a former fighter of the Free Syrian Army from his house in Manbij, on Tuesday.

NSO reporter in Manbij said a patrol of Manbij Military Council, consisted of 2 pickup cars and a van loaded with members, broke into the house of Zidan Hneethel _ 40 years old -married with 5 children – arresting him without explaining any reason.

The reporter added, after the family of the detainee asked for him at the Assayish center in Manbij , part of Manbij Military Council, the answer was that Zidan Hneethel was a former member of the Free Syrian Army, that’s why he was arrested. They asked the family not to come again because he will not be released, as they said.

The reporter explained that Zidan has been living in Manbij as a civilian for more than 3 months and he is not part of any faction. He has been arrested despite of the filmed statement Manbij Military Council, 2 weeks ago, on the will of the council to welcome fighters of the Euphrates shield operation from Manbij people wihout questioning or investigation, ensuring their safety if they return to Manbij.

Source: NSO – 30th March 2016