#Syria|Seven foreign fighters killed among 23 announced by YPG during last week


YPG announced last week the death of 23 fighter 7 among them come from Turkey.
The “Units” published the names of the dead fighters on its official websites, the foreigners from Turkey are:
(Fatma Aktas) the nom de gurre (Arîn Mîrkan)
(Pakize Çiçek) the nom de gurre (Arjîn Argeş Mazlûm)
Hêlîn Şevişoğlu the nom de gurre (Bermal Şeviş)
(Tayfun Usun) the nom de gurre (Çiyazan Amed)
(İbrahim Dayan) the nom de gurre (Demhat Tîrêj)
All killed in battles against ISIS near al-Tabqa city in Raqqa countryside in 5 April 2017, in addition to Rojhat Ronni (nom de gurre Ahmet Turgay) who was killed on 7 April near al-Tabqa and Dervish Demhat (Nom de gurre Firat Salgam) who was killed on 30 March in Raqqa countryside.

Source : NSO