#Syria|Raqqa|1 killed and several injured in Coalition airstrike

1 civilian was killed and 3 injured on Sunday in US-led coalition airstrike targeted “Souq al-Hadid” crossroads east al-Meshalip village east al-Raqqa city.
NSO reporter said Coalition targeted with 4 airstrikes the Souq al-Hadid crossroads east al-Meshalip which killed 1 unknown civilian and injured 3 known of them “Hilal al-Aloush and his sister” and were hospitalized to the National Hospital.
NSO reporter added Coalition warplanes launched several similar airstrikes on the area between the Al-Meshalip village and “al-Raqqa al-Samra” village east al-Raqqa without casualties among civilians.
International Coalition launching intense airstrike in Raqqa eastern countryside as a preparation fire for SDF trying to advance there in “Wrath of the Euphrates” operation in its 4th phase trying to besiege Raqqa city and control it.

Source:  NSO