#Syria|Commander in YPG from Qandil issued a decision threatening thousands residents from Efrin of displacement

YPG Turkish commander in Efrin countryside issued a decision to ban residents of Efrin countryside to visit opposition-held areas in northern Aleppo countryside even for work.
NSO reporter in Efrin countryside said the decision issued by commander from Qandil Mountain known as Bekdash, banning any civilian from Efrin countryside to travel for any reason to opposition-held areas even if he has a job there, the commander imposed two options on residents to live in YPG-held areas or to move to opposition-held areas if they want but banned moving between both.
Residents of Mreimyn village formed a delegation of 10 people and went to meet the YPG commander trying to stop this decision.
Delegation member who prefer to be unnamed told NSO “we went to Bekdash who was communicating with us via a translator, because he doesn’t speak Arabic, and we asked him to loosen up the conditions and at least allow residents who work in Azaz and its countryside to visit their families every week or every month but he refused and said we have to choose between the two areas”.
Delegation member said the delegation warned “Bekdash” on how this decision considered a displacement of original locals in Efrin countryside and it is against all international laws which YPG claim to respect but he kept insisting on his decision.
According to local source in Mreimyn village “more than thousand residents from the 15 thousands residents of the village affected by this decision and they have to choose between their village and houses and their work, saying dozens of families packed up and prepared to leave but others still hope to change the decision”
Mreimyn is one of the hundreds villages in Efrin countryside in YPG territory and inhabited by thousands of civilians who work in opposition-held areas and have to move between both areas.
Our reporter mentioned that YPG allow civilians to move between its territory and Assad regime areas and allow civilians outside its areas to go to Efrin in case they have a sponsorship except Nubul and Zahraa who don’t need sponsors to visit Efrin and its countryside.
Reporter also said the trade route is still working as usually, and trucks carrying goods coming from outside YPG territory unload in YPG checkpoints to be received by the buyer in Efrin only.
YPG controlling Efrin and its countryside since 2012, lately there was Russian forces existence in several areas in Efrin countryside especially YPG bases.

Source: NSO