#Syria|Hassakeh|PKK more intrusive

Unknown gunmen assassinated YPG military intelligence commander in Malkyie in Hasakah countryside, who is a Turkish PKK fighter.

NSO reporter copied from a source within YPG that an unknown sniper killed YPG military intelligence commander known as Serdar in Wanik village in Malkyie countryside.

Source explained Serdar is in his 40s was in his car alone on Wednesday night out of Malkyie, after passing Asayish checkpoint gunfire heard then fighters at the checkpoints saw he was killed 200 meters away from the checkpoint in an area called “Talet Wanik”according to the source.

Intelligence branch in YPG managed by PKK commanders who came from Qandil Mountains south Turkey, according to Kurdish activists and this branch is responsible for arrests and assassinations against anti-PYD activists.

Source : NSO