#Syria|Casualties in Coalition airstrikes on Raqqa western countryside

15 civilians were killed and 5 injured on Friday night in US-led coalition airstrikes targeted internet café in Henieda village west Raqqa.

NSO reporter said Coalition warplanes targeted Henieda last night with several airstrikes one targeted internet café killing 15 civilians inside and injuring 5.

Activists documented names of casualties which are “Hamad Ibrahim al-Mohamad,Abdulbaset al-Mohamad,Hammod Mhemied al-Aani,Fawaz Mhemmied al-Aani,Ali Mohamad al-Sheikh,Mohamad Ali al-shiekh,Majed Yasin al-Hwaidi,Ahmad Aboud al-Sharea,Hussain Aboud al-Sharea” beside a woman and other unknown victims.

Worth to mention YPG-dominated “SDF” is on the outskirts of Henida village after taking al-Safsafa and Mazraat al-Safsafa following ISIS retreat in Raqqa western countryside.

Source: NSO