#Syria|Hassaka|YPG violations

Abdulaziz Hussien, a villager of Sufana that lies in the north east of Jazaa, said: the People’s Protection Units YPG robbed the houses before destroying them. He added that some of the houses belong to people that he knows personally among them “Ahmad Alyosef, Hussien Alyosef , Ahmad Almamo, Ibrahim Almamo, Ahmad Alabdullah, Muhammed Alabdullah, Hassan Alzaher, Ahmad Alzaher, Sulieman Almuhsen, Oweed Almuhsen, Khalil Alnayef, Badr Alnayef, Saied Almamo, Saddam Almamo, Sulieman Almamo and Hadid Almamo.

More testimonies and details on “Jazaa” forced displacement and shovelling can be found in the full report on this links:

Google Drive: https://goo.gl/52P4Ey

Source: NSO