#Syria|The Autonomous Administration rises bread price in Tal Abyad

The Autonomous Administration in Tal Abyad, north Raqqa countryside, has increased the price of bread from 60-80 Syrian pounds per kilo.

NSO reporter said that the local bakeries have increased the prices 2 days after the resolution from the Leaders Council that belongs to the Autonomous Administration came out regarding the increas of the price as flour finishes in the area.

The reporter reported from Abu Maher, a worker in a bakery, that a committee from the Leaders Council has conducted inspections on the flour available in all bakeries. Then they issued a resolution to rise the prices as the flour in each bakery has run out.

Abu Maher added that the committee spoke about shortage in flour in the Autonomous Administration areas as the geographical space and the population increased, in addition to the difficulty in transporting flour from one area to another.

The Autonomous Administration has increased the price of bread in Ain-Arab “Kobani” from 55 to 110 Syrian pounds and in Minbij from 65 to 110 Syrian pounds.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Syrian Democratic Forces that is controlled by the People’s Protection Units YPG have overtaken the silos in Ain – Eisa, in north Raqqa that contain thousands kilos of flour and considered one of the hugest flour stocks in Syria.

Source: NSO