#Syria|Homs E. Rif| Update

Clashes took place in the vicinities of Jazel and Shaer, and the village of Huweisis between Daesh and the Assad’s forces who did not make any further progress due to the fierce resistance of Daesh. Assad’s forces were backed by the militias and RU AF that carried strikes on the oilfields with cluster bombs and lead Daesh to burn one of the oil field.

On the other side, Assad’s militias and the militias backed by the RU AF took over the village of Jahar and 2 Gaz fields of alMahr and Hejaz and Heyan company. It is believed that RU AF has used for the first time bombs believed to contain poisonous products due to their thick and black fumes.

Clashes continue toward Palmyra as the regime made some progress with the help of the RU AF which bombed Hayan and Tar mounts close to the archeological citadel.

Regime uses Helicopter  K-52 during the battle.