#Syria|Hassaka|15 civilians arrested after brawls between YPG and Assayish

15 civilians arrested within the Autonomous Administration after a dispute between armed members of the YPG and Assayish

The Assayish forces in Tal Tamer in Hassaka countryside have arrested on Tuesday night 15 civilians from their houses in Amreya upon clashes between people from the village affiliated to the People’s Protection Units YPG and two other members of Ahras village affiliated to the Assayish.

NSO reporter in Hassaka countryside said that 10 cars of the Assayish forces have broken into Amreya village arresting 4 members of the People’s Protection Units YPG from the village, in addition to 15 civilians declaring that this took place after a fight between the 4 members and two other members one called Sudan Juma Kafkeer from the Secret Intelligence and the latter from the Assayish and they are from the nearby village ” Ahras”. The Kafkeer has requested the forces after the fight.

The reporter carried on reporting from a source in Assayish in Tal Tamer who preferred to keep his name hidden that the head of the police station in Almanajeer called Marwan has hit the 4 members in the jail and accused them of being part of ISIL. The 4 members hit him back and they have been all referred to the military court in Tal Tamer.

The Assayish forces is considered to be the intelligence arm of the Democratic Union Party and the Autonomous Administration. On the other side, the People’s Protection Units YPG is considered the military wing of the party. Both forces enjoy unlimited authority in the controlled areas

Source: NSO